Dubbo Paramedic Enhancements Means LESS Coverage for Dubbo

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Later this year, NSWA intend to spend $1.5 million to enhance Ambulance crew resources in Dubbo. It will involve an injection of up to 15 permanent frontline Paramedics on paper but what it will mean in reality is that there will be a 16% reduction in Ambulance crews every day, compared to what is currently provided. This means that there will be 2 less ambulance crews servicing the Dubbo community every day of the week under this proposal.

Local Paramedics are embedded in the Dubbo community & they are acutely aware of the impact this backward & expensive move will have on everyone in the Dubbo community. Paramedics believe that if such an expensive investment is going to be made then an essential outcome would be a greater number of Ambulance crews to respond to ever increasing workload. Paramedic enhancements are very rare so it is extremely important that the NSW government gets this right from the outset.

Dubbo is a large inland city with a growing aging population that’s seeing a resurgence of young families flocking to settle in the town. It is the Western Region’s major resource & facility centre with tourism at its heart. Paramedics are routinely the first medical contact patients have in their time of need. They are highly skilled professionals that administer life saving interventions well before a patient arrives at a hospital. Paramedics have an exemplary reputation which is why they are so highly valued by their community members & annually voted “The Most Trusted Profession”. Paramedics believe that their community members are now at high risk of being compromised when it comes to their health because of this irresponsible NSW government decision. This risk is magnified further amongst the vulnerable within the Dubbo community.

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