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Should Parents Be Held Responsible For the Action of Their Child or Children Bullying.

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HI my Name is Natasha Mayfield I'am the mother of Zakiyyah Whitfield who has been a victim of bullying and survive suicide by allowing this petition to take affect in our community will it have a grate impact on me and my family and other families as well no help for the.The reason I care is I watch my own child suffer and battle this issues for two years with no help from the school she attend or our community leaders.

What I feel needs to happen is parents should be held responsible for their child or children's behavior due to the fact that some parents are unaware of the things their children are involved in school or in our community's. Parents should be provide with an anti bullying pamphlet with guidelines and rules to follow [meaning First,Waring is verbal Second written Third a 5,.000 dollars fine. Finial warning is jail time do to the seriousness of the crime        

Zakiyyah, has worked very hard with her mother to overcome bullying WE have created a foundation that combats bullying by bringing people together through music. The project is called the MEMA Movement. (Music Empowering Minds Anti-Bullying) Part of MEMA is to empower young ladies to love themselves and stand up to bullying. In an effort to unify, Zakiyyah, created a MEMA bracelet and T shirts to brig awareness to her peers.  

Some of Zakiyyah’s accomplishments out side of music, include a city of Philadelphia citation, for her MEMA movement and for standing up for others being bullied. She was also the recipient of the “Girl Code” Award, an award, awarded to a young girl who fulfilling her purpose in life.

I know there is an opportunity for your readers to connect with myself and Zakiyyah, teen bullying is an ongoing conversation in our schools as well as throughout the nation. I strongly believe with her music, young and fun personality, her diversity and her motivation, Zakiyyah can contribute to the salutation 


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