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Protect Pitzer Students from out of control Title IX Coordinator!

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   Students at Pitzer College have a new reason to worry when they return to school this fall. On May 11th, 2017 Pitzer announced that after an exhaustive search, they had hired Sandra Vasquez who formally a director of judicial affairs at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

   Perhaps they exhausted themselves a little more.

            Here’s an article from the Independent.

   Back in September of 2016, the University suspended a low income, minority student upon learning of criminal charges. All of which were dropped when the accuser admitted the student had never hit her.

   According to the complaint, Ms. Vasquez concealed two pieces of material evidence that it was using against him, evidence that was uncorroborated and completely fabricated. They kept the student from moving onto the campus or taking any courses, including online courses. They also told the student that he couldn’t attend a community college unless he de-enrolled from the university that he had worked hard to achieve a place in. This started at the beginning of his freshman year and would continue until March of 2017. And it ended then only because the student was able to get a judge to weigh in on it.

          And weigh in he did.

   “This Court concludes that the University is intentionally doing indirectly what it is unwilling to do directly,” Anderle wrote. “The University has made a decision to deny John Doe the opportunity to enroll … [b]ut instead of making that decision based upon the facts, the law, and in fairness, it has decided to do it their own way.”

   “The University’s inaction over such a lengthy period of time, leaving Petitioner in limbo, is unreasonable and arbitrary,” (The DLC letter recommends these are done in 60 days, the college policy at the time was 120, yet this lasted much longer with no end in sight.)

   The judge called the interim suspension, “particularly egregious given the University’s delay in completion of its Title IX investigation, the dismissal of the juvenile court proceedings against Petitioner, and the seven month interruption in his education.”

   The Judge ruled the student suffered “irreparable harm” at the hands of Vasquez and other officials and ordered full judicial relief.

   The case ruling also notes that in December of 2016, this student had racked up $100,000 in legal fees, an amount that most likely kept growing.

   So this is the person that will now decide the fates of students at Pitzer College? A dean who breaks their own rules, targets innocent students and does her best to destroy all that they’ve worked for?

   How can any student feel confidence that Ms Vasquez has their best interest at heart? That she will be fair and impartial? Why would any Pitzer student trust her with their futures? And why would Pitzer hire someone with her past? What insurance will they have that they won’t be considered guilty until proven innocent? And will they be trying to desperately prove their innocence while blindfolded, handcuffed and cut off at the knees?

   Sign this petition to demand Pitzer College fire Sandra Vasquez and find someone who can fill the position with someone who will affirm a commitment to be fair with all students, accused or accuser, no matter their race, religion, gender or orientation.

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