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Keep Convincted Murderer Mary Elizabeth Stroder where she belongs!!!

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Mary Elizabeth Stroder was convicted for the kidnapping, robbery, and murder of my sister Diana Vara Contreras in 1993. She was recently granted commutation on August 18, 2017 by our California state governor Jerry Brown.

Ms. Stroder claims she was unable to stop what had happened to my sister because she claims to have been abused verbally, physically, and sexually throughout her childhood. Under normal circumstances, of course, you would want to believe any woman who found the strength and courage to come forward and tell their story. But unfortunately, Mary Elizabeth Stroder is one woman I will never believe. Not because of what she allowed to happen to my sister. I say this without bias... But because, I really was verbally, physically, and sexually abused throughout my childhood, and if things weren't already bad, it then became even worse when I was sexually assaulted at fourteen and then again at nineteen. All by monsters who were supposed to have loved and protected me. I also struggled with post partum depression and PTSD for many years and I still have occasional relapses every now and then, but NEVER WOULD I EVER assist in any kidnapping, robbery, or murder of another human being!!! I'll admit, I used to have horrible thoughts about taking a life and almost did, but it was always my own life I wanted to take. Not take the life of another innocent person. WE ALL HAVE CHOICES. With the grace of God I made my choice to value my life, to fight for it and not take it. And on December 9, 1993 Mary Elizabeth Stroder made her choice too. Her choice was to assist her soon to be husband to kidnap, rob, and murder my sister in cold blood. THAT WAS HER CHOICE!!! IF and really if she was abused like she claims, she WOULD HAVE, COULD HAVE AND SHOULD HAVE made a run for it along with my sister and FOUGHT FOR BOTH THEIR LIVES instead of assisting in taking the life of my precious sister Diana.

Being a victim of abuse, I can speak for many other woman and unless it was self defense, that should NEVER EVER be used as an excuse. SHAME ON YOU!!! My life sentence is having to spend the rest of my life without my sister and forever reminded about all the great things she was never able to do for the world. Mary's life sentence should be having to spend the rest of her life in prison without a second chance and forever reminded about all the hurt, pain, grief, and anger she caused by her actions to so many people who still feel all of it to this day because Diana was never given a second chance. So please, please, PLEASE help me in this fight to keep Mary Elizabeth Stroder in prison where she belongs and deny her the right to be free. Please... #FightForDiana ❤️

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