Stop high-density housing at 855 & 927 Victoria Rd. South

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There is an application at 855 & 927 Victoria Rd. S. (NW corner of Victoria Rd. and Macalister Blvd) to change the zoning from the “Agricultural” (A) Zone to a “Specialized Residential Cluster Townhouse” (R.3A-?) Zone, “Specialized High Density Apartment” (R.4B-?) Zone and to a “Conservation Land” (P.1) Zone to permit the development of 367 to 400 residential dwelling units potentially including two 10 story apartment buildings and one 8 story apartment building. This level of construction does not conform to the existing character of the neighbourhood where it will be situated. It will drive property values in the surrounding community lower, and will create an unacceptable level of traffic within the neighbourhood and near-by school zone. Those that already live in the community will be competing with the influx of new families for their children to attend the only primary school within walking distance. The environmental impacts will be significant. The introduction of high-density construction will undoubtedly cause irreparable damage to the ecosystem at the Torrance Creek nature area (which surrounds the boundary of the proposed site) and disrupt the patterns of the wildlife that call it home. To what effect high-density housing will have on our precious ground water is still largely unknown.

We are well aware that there is a need for affordable housing, but the addition of high-density apartment buildings at the corner of Victoria Rd. S. and Macalister Blvd is not the way. We are asking city council to deny any application that would see high-density housing built in our neighbourhood and limit the scope of any proposed construction at the corner of Victoria Rd. & Macalister Blvd

Personal story
We are the proud members of the Kortright E. community. We are very concerned about the negative consequences high-density housing will have on our neighbourhood.