Create an Australian market for recycled materials!

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Hi, my name is Alicia and I'm a student at JCU studying Environmental Practice.

Environmental issues are really close to my heart - and I'm sure you've all noticed the recent media attention around sustainability. I grew up on a farm in Western Victoria where we grew our own food, and were always careful with our waste and recycled whatever we could.

I never really thought about what happened once the recycling was in the bin, just that I had done a good thing by putting it there.

After learning more, I've seen that the Chinese markets for Australian recycled materials are coming to a close, and councils are telling people to try to minimise their recycling.

Regardless, we should keep this potentially large processing and manufacturing industry in Australia, rather than sending it overseas!

One solution to this problem is to make it compulsory for all Australian Government run projects to use items made from recycled materials. This would include park benches, bollards, decking, fencing, signage and potentially a huge range of other items.

We need to stimulate the market, create a thriving economy in this industry, and find a use for the huge amounts of plastics we use!

Currently about 300 million tonnes of plastic is being produced each year, and only an estimated 10% of that is recycled. These figures are terrifying, especially when we know just how long plastic takes to degrade, how it's killing marine life, choking oceans and filling our valuable land as rubbish. The more uses we can find for the plastic that has already been created, the better.

This should be just another step forward towards a more sustainable future, and I would be so incredibly grateful for your support in this. Ours, and future generations deserve a planet that is clean and healthy!