Australia recycling industry plastic con

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Last night's 60 Minutes highlighted when most Australians think they are doing the right thing by recycling is largely a con by the Australian recycling industry.

The majority of our plastic waste is not being reused or recycled at all. Instead they are being dumped, buried or burned in illegal processing locations in Southeast Asia.

Mountains of plastics are being stockpiled and then sold to Southeast Asian countries as we do not have the infrastructure or resources to reprocess these products in Australia.

That's not good enough! We have been lied to and for those of us who want to do the right thing for the environment, burying our head in the sand and assuming that our kerbside recycling is being treated correctly is no longer an option.

We need our government to put systems in place and show a real commitment to sustainability and the environment, instead of shifting our problem offshore.

In the lead up to the Federal Election, it is time to put pressure on our government to find a sustainable solution, invest in the infrastructure and regulate the industry instead of shipping our problems to other countries.