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Pejury taken more serious and my son back in the trail courts

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My son Tarik scott was accused of attempted murder in 2013. The Witness and the victim both admitted to knowing my son did not commit this crime. All the evidence that my son is innocent has been ignored. The victim and the witness also stated that they told prosecutors that my son was innocent yet this was ignored as well. The recordings and signed affidavit admits to my sons innocence. I also have  the witness, victim, and also victims family members admitting that they know it was not my son who commited this crime in fact the victim has went as far as saying she has always known my son Tarik Scott did not shoot her , The victim also stated the witness has always known as well. Testimonies were changed several times. The victim admitted that at one point the prosecutors told her to change her testimony. The mother and grandmother of the victim know my son is innocent and so does a whole community of people. The witness and victim has admitted to several other people that my son is innocent. Both the victim and the witness has given the name of the person who was the actual person who committed the crime, They also told this information to the prosecutor yet and still this was ignored as well. As of today the girls still admit  4 years after the fact my son is innocent. My son was due to graduate  may 2013. Missed his prom and the best parts of his teenage years. All we want is to prove my son's innocence and gain his freedom back. Our family is hurt, lost, and confused. We are incomplete without Tarik. By  my son getting his freedom and innocence back means more then i could ever explain. Sitting in prison for 19-30years is a lot too handle but Tarik has remained strong and confident in knowing that his freedom and innocence will be redeemed. If we win my son will not have to spend the next 15years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Perjury need to be taken more serious people  lives are ruined behind this. If we lose my son we be locked away for the next 15 years.Thank you Melissa R. Murray

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