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Change lice policy back to the orginal No-Nit Policy

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Knox County needs to understand that head lice is more than just a nuisance, it is costly and has a very bad impact on our kids in school and at home!

it is beyond a social stigma!! Allowing kids with head lice in school is encouraging the infestation causing hard working parents to struggle even more!

The Knoxville School Sentinel reports that: “There’s no medical or social reason to exclude kids with head lice. It sends a negative message. And it could have a negative effect on attendance,” said Lisa Wagoner, supervisor of health services for Knox County Schools, which revised its lice procedures during the 2008-2009 school year.

Lisa Wagoner's ideology does not speak for all families living in Knox County!

if there is a lice infestation as a parent I would like to be notified immediately so that me and parents such as myself can take immediate action in preventing and cleaning! If there are neglected student then we can identify them and step in as a community to help not turn a blind eye and make all children suffer!









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