Melbourne needs better disability access on our Trams, especially on our hospital routes.

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Melbourne has 1761 tram stops, about 400 of which are level access. 90 per cent of Melbourne’s tram stops were supposed to be wheelchair accessible by the end of 2017. Why hasn't this happened yet? There are 3 major hospitals on the Route 58 route. Plus 4 schools and few daycares. The low floor tram timetable is not frequent enough. Some low floor trams are a 45+ minutes wait time. There are still no super stop between Queen Victoria Markets & Crown Casino (Queensbridge Street). This means people with wheelchairs cannot get off by themselves in the city on Williams St. Elderly are having to climb up stairs or try to get off safely. Parents are having to lift prams up & down grey trams if they fit or wait a long time for a low floor tram and again having to lift pram off if there is no super stop.

We catch the route 58 everyday to either attend appointments at the Royal Children's Hospital, go to hospital to admit my son (if not a full on emergency), to pick up my oldest son from his school. My nearly 3 old has a rare brain disease & is Quadriplegic & he requires a special wheelchair pram which weighs 25 kilos on its own. He weighs a further 13 kilos. We get off at Flagstaff (Williams/LaTrobe st) this tram stop is becoming a safety concern with the amount of people that get off here & the lack of space to safely get off here. My 10 year old has to help lift the pram off of the tram. We frequently have the doors close on us because we can't move off due to people not being able to move any further. The drivers ding their bells to hurry us up which is stressful when you have no where to go. I have to lie my son completely flat to get the pram on the low floor tram if we are heading towards the hospital which is also dangerous as he chokes frequently and if raised more, his head flops completely forwards which cuts off his airways.

I have seen elderly people fall between the tram tracks because they have missed the step due to the gaps. They cannot get on or off from the road to the top of the stairs very well. There are people in wheelchairs that cannot actually get on the low floor trams because they are so full. And sometimes there are more than 5/6 prams on board so there is no space for more people. There are people that catch trams from the Royal Melbourne that have crutches that have to get themselves up the stairs on a regular tram. Or Women that are pregnant going to & from appointments at the Royal Women's.

I am speaking from our everyday experiences but there are so many more around the tram network of people that do not have assessibility. Sydney Road is another with very limited access for disability. We are in 2019, it's time to allow EVERY BODY to be able to travel where they need to by being able to catch a tram with ease and safety. I have filed so many complaints with Yarra Trams over the last couple of years & the story is the same. It's not them, it's the Government.

Four things need to happen for better accessibility.

1. Buy more low floor trams to service the network's.

2. Make a better & more frequent timetable.

3 Build more super stops. 

4. If the low floor trams are full and a wheelchair or pram needs to get on they should have priority to get on it. There are more grey trams in service for people than can get up & down the stairs. 

We constantly have been voted the most livable city in the World for a long time but it's not if you have a disability.