Amend NSW road laws to enable Hovding airbag as option for cyclists.

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Bicycle riders are required by law to wear an approved bicycle helmet. Helmets are only approved if they meet Australian/New Zealand standard AS/NZS 2063, which is very prescriptive about what constitutes as a 'helmet'.

The Hovding airbag is a safety device for cyclists designed to replace the traditional bicycle helmet, with studies performed at Stanford university demonstrating improved safety over traditional bicycle helmets. Additionally, they are more comfortable to wear, and considerably more convenient to carry about when not riding. The latter is very helpful for commuters using bike share services, e.g. Ofo, as well as commuters using their own bicycles.

Currently it is not possible to legally use a Hovding in NSW because it doesn't meet AS/NZS 2063, and it *never* can. This is because the standard is rigidly written around the traditional helmet and an airbag is not a helmet.

This petition is to ask NSW Roads and Maritime Services to amend legislation to enable cyclists the option to legally use the Hovding airbag instead of a helmet when riding on roads in NSW. The intended outcome is improved cyclist safety by enabling the latest innovations in safety -- if cars can have airbags, cyclists should be able to have them too.

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