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Petition to Encourage Volunteer Work

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It’s no secret that Melbourne has a rising homelessness rate, along with that there are many organisations to support and help the less fortunate. Many of these organisations or not for profit and rely on volunteers to continue with services. Without volunteers there wouldn’t be as much help as there is today for homeless and less fortunate people of Melbourne.

I am writing this to encourage all Melbournians to come together as one and help one another out. I am asking that each Melbournian that is eligible to partake in not for profit work, par takes at least 1 day of volunteer work with one of these organisations a year. By doing this we can all make a change and get the statistics of homelessness in Melbourne to a lower number.


Volunteering for an organisation that helps with the homeless may not be materialistically rewarding but knowing you have helped someone who isn’t as fortunate as you are is just as rewarding. Listening to those with lesser than you is truly inspirational, listening to what they’ve gone through and how they’re still going is amazing. Leaving a day of not for profit work knowing that you have somewhat helped someone, and homelessness as a whole is one of the most rewarding feelings, Even just leaving knowing that you made someone smile or laugh is rewarding.


Having done volunteer work with the homeless I Felt as if I had achieved something of worth. I was amazed by the determination the people I met had as well as saddened by the struggle they have gone through. Volunteering with people less fortunate than me was a real eye opening experience and although I didn’t walk away with a handful of money or new skills to put on my resume, but I did walk away from each session of volunteering with the satisfaction of meeting new people, listening to their stories and leaving them with a smile on their face, as well as mine. I encourage all Melbournians to do research on the frightening statistics and reality of homelessness in the city we call home, and find an organisation that suits you and your interests, call them up and enquire on what they do and organise at least just one day of not for profit work.


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