Ban George Calombaris from Melbourne Victory

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George Calombaris has plead guilty to assaulting a teenager at last season's A-League Grand Final. 

His actions are unacceptable for the 'Number 1 Ticket Holder' at Melbourne Victory. He has brought shame and negative publicity to the club, the community and the sport that we love. We must not be seen to condone violence.

We demand George Calombaris be banned from attending Melbourne Victory games and have his status as 'Number 1 Ticket Holder' revoked. We want all fans of Melbourne Victory to be treated fairly and equally, regular fans have been banned for far less and without any legal convictions or evidence.

Melbourne Victory's fanbase is diverse, made up of people from all backgrounds and it is important that all fans should be treated equally. Preferential treatment based off a person's wealth, fame or business connections is an insult to all the regular members of our club. We demand consistency.

Melbourne Victory must ban Calombaris from attending games and revoke his status as the 'Number 1 Ticket Holder' to show they stand against violence and against corruption.