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Melbourne Metro: Better Trains for the North and West

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As a daily commuter on the Craigeburn Line I struggle to sense any form of infrastructure in the train timetabling, and even the trains themselves. A study carried out by Public Transport Victoria in 2012, projected the Werribee/Williamstown, Sunbury, Upfield and Craigeburn lines within the top 5 projectile of patronage growth. Although there are works being undertaken to accommodate these growing needs, what can be done at current to relieve the present burden?

It is interesting to note how these four lines all carry the oldest fleet of trains running on the Metro system. Modifications to trains are an ever-evolving need to keep up with the demand of the growing populace and newer trains are able accommodate more commuters. So why is it that catching a train West and North-West of Melbourne's CBD, an entirely different experience to that of the East. Passengers on the aforementioned lines deal with overcrowding, cancelled services (due to faulty trains, result of the oldest fleet of trains running on the lines), delays and an overall dissatisfaction of the service being provided at an already incredibly high cost (this is a separate issue which also needs to be covered). However, commuters on these lines who deal with this antiquated system incur the same daily charge as any other daily commuter travelling East of the CBD. We pay our fares to be provided a satisfactory service and what I have seen of late has not been satisfactory. 

So my point is, why does the North and the West not receive the much needed infrastructure it needs? There is a demand there that waits to be fulfilled and cannot be done so until we unite and take action. Don't we as citizens of the West and North-West have the right to receive the same experience, as the East and North-East; after all we all pay the same amount to travel on the Metro system, don't we?

So I ask you to please share this. Every email counts. Let’s aim for equality on the Metro system. 


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