Shine a BIG V above Melbourne

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The 'Big V' is not just a symbol for Victoria, but a symbol of love, hope and solidarity towards a Victory in our united fight against COVID-19 and its flow-on effects in our greater community across Victoria, Australia and beyond. 

Back in August we approached the Melbourne City Council about shining the giant 'V' into the night sky above Melbourne, as symbol of hope for the duration of the lockdown in Victoria. But we were unfortunately knocked back.

However, now as we begin to re-emerge from lockdown and businesses start to re-open, we want to again ask the newly elected Mayor of Melbourne (whoever that might be) to support the local events industry to safely install a series of powerful spotlights in the shape of the 'V' to shine above the Melbourne night sky and let the world know that we are still are here and we open for business!

With a potential visibility to be seen right across Metropolitan Melbourne (approximately 100km), the lights will draw an attraction back towards supporting the businesses in the CBD, whilst also being enjoyed from every pocket of Melbourne. And with a preference that the lights be powered by a source of Victorian made renewable energy.

For heart, hope and solidarity from across Melbourne, Victoria and beyond, please sign and share our petition. And let's get the Mayor of Melbourne to shine a bloody BIG V above our night sky!

You can find out more about the 'V for Victoria' project at