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Stop killing feral cats, instead spay/neuter the cats, then return them!

Why should a healthy cat or kitten be killed simply because they aren't friendly to humans? Feral cats and kittens are being euthanized every day at the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter. Yes, feral cats are not a native species, and yes, their population needs to be controlled. Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) is the most effective and humane way to do this. Trap and kill does not work!
A new trend has started across the nation- feral cats and kittens that are surrendered to shelters are being spayed or neutered, then returned home, to the place they've grown up and have learned how to live. This program has worked and the communities it is in have been very receptive. Spaying and neutering is cheaper than euthanasia and returning cats after surgery creates critical space in the shelter for other needy animals. The Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter knows about the TNR program but refuses to implement it because the shelter general manager, Melanie Sobel, doesn't agree with it.
I can't stand the idea that perfect, healthy, happy cats, and especially kittens, are being killed every day in Santa Cruz. We are supposed to be one of the most progressive places in the nation. Let's change the way our community treats our "community cats."

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