Introduce warning labels on alcohol. More support for alcoholics and families and more...

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Hi everyone my name is melanie and i have started this petition in memory of my late mum. I want more help and support for people with alcohol addiction. I have recently lost my beautiful mum because of alcohol and my dad passed away a few years ago and he was an alcholic for years but gave up for about 10 years. He had lots of health problems caused from alcohol. Also i have a few close friends that have suffered or still are suffering from alcohol abuse. Alcohol has had a massive negative impact on my life and my families. I want more support put in place for alcoholics and families. I have a few ideas which i would like to be looked at to save lives. I know for my mum and dad its too late but its not for others and i want justice.
My first idea is to have warning labels on alcohol showing people the concequences and effects alcohol has on your body. The warnings i want is like the ones they have on cigarette packets showing the effects on liver, brain, stomach, muscles, immune system, families, also the amout of violence and abuse while some people are under the influence of alcohol. I would also like to have alcohol helpline numbers on the alcohol product in big bold writing so people in need can access it. I would also like less advertising of alcohol again like the government has done with tobacco substances. Another idea is to not make alcohol so tempting with lots of refreshing bold pictures of fruits and flowers. I would also like to see more access and support for the addict and the families. I think doing joint groups with the family and the alcoholic so the families are more on board in how to help the alcoholic
In the long run this will educate the families on how best to support the addict and that way the addict will not need the nhs service as much. Also the more awareness made about alcohol addictions and the negative impact it can have on thousands of people the more it will help addicts to talk about there problems and seek help.