We need road safety barriers on Heathcote Road & New Illawarra Road

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The stretch of road between Barden Ridge and Holsworthy including New Illawarra Road & Heathcote road is a dangerous one, with 100km/h speed limits, winding turns and no barriers between lanes, it's no surprise that there are so many accidents here. Despite the many accidents, near misses, and pleas from road users, our local government has planned no such installation of road safety barriers to protect drivers.

In the last month, there has been a serious crash on Heathcote Road and a fatality on New Illawarra Road, both of which involved cars crossing onto the wrong side of the road. Had such safety barriers been installed, the severity of these accidents could have been reduced and lives could have been saved. Nearby on the Bangor bypass, road safety barriers are installed for the entire length of the 80km/h road, and to my recollection there hasn't been a fatality on that section of road for an extended period of time. 

Residents of suburbs such as Holsworthy, Barden Ridge, Voyager Point and Pleasure Point have to use this dangerous stretch of road daily on commute to work/school and improvements need to be made to improve the safety for drivers. 

Driving on this stretch, drivers are forced to use single lanes with no barrier between them to protect them from the 100km/h oncoming traffic. The 'Road Safety NSW' website states that "road safety barriers are used on many roads in NSW as one method of reducing the severity of crashes". Installation of such barriers on Heathcote road would give peace of mind to drivers and reduce the severity of head on collisions on this road, ultimately saving lives.

Please respond for the safety of all road users.