Maintain Adly Zahari as CM Melaka

0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!

I am just a simple and normal citizen from Melaka State. I raise up the petition because of sincere from my heart.

Adly Zahari is the best CM of Melaka as I met. He is Humble and Open Minded leader. By only manage the state for 1 year plus, he run a lot policy to benefit the people of Melaka and bring melaka to the better state.

By 25/2/2020 morning, CM Adly Zahari posted on social media platform "Facebook" mentioned he is not holding major vote to maintain the Melaka State Government, as we can see on comment part, a lot of Melaka People feel sad and disappointed from multi-race.

Hey Malaccan! it's time to show up your power & voice to who want to bring down current melaka government lead by Adly Zahari!