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Stop Letting Meineke Get Away With Causing Major Damage to Vehicles

I am a single mother, a full time student, and a nanny.  Meineke caused serious damage to my vehicle after servicing my air conditioner.  They broke the air compressor which they would not pay to replace and told me it would cause no damage to my car.  It let to blowing my heads costing me $1500 to replace my engine and air compressor.  I dealt with 4 different people from Meineke in the last 4 months to have this issue resolved and it escalated to this.  I tried to file disputes with corporate with no return phone calls and tried to handle the issue with Tyler the location manager until he left the location.  After he no longer worked there no one was willing to handle the situation and everyone blew me off.  I have attached a copy of the email I sent to Mr. Walker:


Mr. Walker,
I have been trying to deal with an issue I have had with my local Meineke in Poway California for over 4 months.  No one wants to give me any answers are resolve the situation and I am tired of saying I will receive a call back when no one has the decency to return my calls.  The issue has escalated to the point that my engine blew because of the work that was done by my local Meineke and I have hired another mechanic to fix the work right.  Let me give you a background of the situation. 
I visited Meineke in June to have my air conditioner recharged.  I dealt with the manager Tyler at the Poway Meineke and the day after I have my air conditioner recharged my air compressor went out that has just been replaced 8 months prior.  I spoke with Tyler immediately and he informed me that the compressor was broken and that it needed replaced for the AC to work but that it would not damage my vehicle to drive it with the compressor out.  I had a warranty on the compressor at the time and Tyler was dealing with that mechanic to have a compressor sent to the Poway location so it could be replaced.  He said he would pay for the compressor on the company credit card if he had to and I would have to pay $90 for labor because he felt the repairs caused the malfunction.  After 2 weeks, I called Tyler and he told me that the warranty had expired during the process and I would have to now pay for a compressor.  I told him I did not think I should have to pay for repairs when they caused the damage and he referred me to corporate.  I called corporate and never received a call back so I went back to Meineke weeks later to find out Tyler no longer worked there.  Caleb and his team inspected my car and said that it would not do any harm to drive it with the compressor out but they could not offer the repair to me unless I paid full price.  I continued to drive with no AC for about 2 months and my car would not turn on.  My new mechanic told me that the belts and radiator caused the heads to blow in my engine because the compressor was not working.  I had addressed this issue with the local Meineke for 3 months and no resolution is now costing me $1500 to replace my engine and compressor.  
I visited Meineke today and spoke with Marcus to get a print out of the services I received and asked for corporate's number.  Kelly in corporate was not helpful and said she would forward a message.  I have left 2 messages prior and never received a call back.  I need someone to take this issue seriously as I am a single mother, a full time student, and a nanny and I need my vehicle.  The money I am spending on my vehicle is the money I have to live.  $1500 may not be a lot to some but it is a fortune to me.  The series of events at Meineke has affected me financially and has left me without a vehicle for more than a week.  I really need a reply and I am asking for a full refund for the repairs I have had to get done because of this issue.  I expect a refund for my invoice at the minimum. 
Please call me or reply to this email.  If I do not hear back I will have to escalate matters through legal action. 
Nicole Chmielnik 


I know several people who have had minor repairs done at Meineke car care just for the company to lie on the work they perform or cause major damage to the vehicle. I am a single mother and I cannot afford to let go of the damage they have caused to my vehicle and no one will take care of the issue with corporate or the center I went to. I need someone to take responsibility for this issue because I cannot pay for other people's mistakes.

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