Ask Meijer to remove ALL Nestle products from shelves

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On your website, you say that Frederick Meijer follows this philosohpy: "Take care of your customers, team members, and community, ... and all of them will take care of you, just like a family." As a native Michigan company, we need you to take a leading role in protecting our state. In turn, we will take care of you.

Recently, the government has allowed Nestle nearly unfettered access to take the water for their own profit. Worse, the government is allowing them to do so for only $200/year. This is despite over 80,000 citizens of Michigan making public comments against the move.

This is not a problem of Meijer's doing, but Meijer can be a part of the solution. Help Michigan save its sacred natural resources and the community will take care of you like never before. We ask that you remove Nestle products from your stores until Nestle removes themselves from our groundwater.

Nestle products include but are not limited to: Nescafe Coffees, Nespresso, Carnation, Coffee-Mate, Gerber, Ice Mountain, Perrier, San Pellegrino, Vittel, Nestea, Nesquik, Milo, Nestle and Wonka candy (Kit Kat, Butterfinger,  Crunch, Rolo, Nerds, Smarties, Bottle Caps, etc.), ice cream containing Nestle, Stouffer's, Lean Cuisine, DiGiorno Pizza, Hot Pockets, Tombstone Pizza, California Pizza Kitchen, Purina products, L'Oreal products, Toll House Cookies.

We realize these products combine for a significant amount of your sales. However, we the signees pledge to faithfully shop at Meijer and buy an equal or greater amount of alternative products in return for your removal of these products. We also pledge to stop calling you "Meijer's" and correct anyone who adds an "s"  to the end of your name. You are Meijer.

Nestle's CEO has famously said that water is not a human right. Please help us remind them that it is also not a corporate right. Remove their products from your shelves and become a guardian of the state and community that nurtured you to the supermarket giants you are today.