Restrict or Ban Journalist​ Arnab Goswami To Hold Debates on Kashmir related Issues.

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As I heard Arnab Goswami from last couple of years. Whenever he is engaged in discussing the sensitive issues of Kashmir, he can be witnessed like a warmonger and hatemonger. He lacks the neutrality as a journalist.

What I understand is that he becomes one of the source of aleination and anguish for the youths in Valley. He is always involved in playing with the sentiments of people of Kashmir. As he is unaware about the sensitivity of the fragile Kashmir Issue.

He proposes military solution and opposes the dialogue process with the stakeholders of kashmir dispute, so his mentality quietly reflects how fatal and dangerous is he for returning back the normalcy of Kashmir Valley. I believe he is also culprit for deteriorating the circumstances of Kashmir Valley.

So it's better for the state to ban or restrict him to hold debates on fragile issue of Kashmir.

We need the maximum supporters of this petition, because we have to send a message to Arnab Goswami that we are fed up with your ultra Nationalistic and jingoistic attitude.