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Wasaga Beach Dog Access On-Leash and Off-Leash Access

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Amend current DOG restrictions - Allow dogs access with On-Leash and Off-Leash restrictions - Model the Martha Vineyard area (Province Town).

Please support our initiative and over 250 supporters to allow dog access to Wasaga Beach areas 3-6. Currently Beach 3 is the only area allowing Dog access at the off leash park area.  First, off-leash parks have seen a rise in injury common with confined areas and unregulated owner management. Beach 3 is also up to 10 kms for residents/citizens in Beach area 4-6, where many full time residences and dog owners reside. Importantly, there is No factual environmental justification for the current regulation and current residents and tourist polled elect to revisit the current outdated policy.

Therefore, it is recommended that the current Dog Access regulations and beach management associated with this policy be revised under this – The Wasaga Beach, Beach Management Secondary Proposal using the Martha Vineyard, Province Town best practice as our model.

It is recommended that Dogs be allowed on Beach area 3 to Beach Area 6 under the following restrictions;

2.1 All Dogs must be licensed and have a current rabies vaccination with tags visible at all times.

2.2 All Dogs must register and purchase a DOG BEACH ACCESS pass at Provincial park gate house stations.  DOG BEACH ACCESS passes may be purchased for Daily or Seasonal access.


Daily - Weekly           $5.00 per dog                        Weekend        $7.50 per dog

Seasonal pass: $95.25 + HST ($107.63) per dog

* The additional revenue to offset cost to add additional garbage receptacles at the end of each street, specifically designated for DOG waste.

2.3 BEACH & WATER OFF-LEASH HOURS Beach Area 3-6: May Long weekend/Victoria Day May 22, 2017 – Labour Day Sept 4 2017: 6 PM – 9 AM 

2.3.1      > Dogs must be restrained at all other times <

2.3.2      FINES: min $125, $250 for repeat offenders.

 2.4 While not imperative, we recommend consideration to NO DOGS Allowed on BEACH AREA 1-2 given high volume and tourist activity.

2.4.1      FINES:  min $125, $250 for repeat offenders.

 2.5 PICK UP THE POOP! Regulation; Dog waste must be cleared and properly disposed of in waste receptacles located at each posted street sign. Any waste not cleared and properly disposed of will result in significant punitive damages. Fines: min $200 , $350 & $500 for repeat offenders.

2.5.1      NEW units with lid closure 

3.0 Community/citizen and tourist SUPPORT 

3.1  As previously stated, this recommendation is based on validated constituent and tourist support of over 250 constituents and over 75 tourist polled between July 1 2016 to February 5th 2017.

Of note, the market research and constituent canvas is currently circulating in an effort to reach over 75% of the population and is on track for final submission by April 30th 2017 – to be submitted under separate cover as exhibit 1.0.

 3.2 Living or visiting Beach areas 4-6 without dog allowance requires residents to take dogs to Beach 3; which can be over 10km . Alternatively, it forces residents to find parking particularly during high tourist season, which felt to be unreasonable and unnecessary, particularly with senior residents and families with small children.

 ·      Ensuring a respectful and diverse recreational space

·      Canadian values and constituent values representation

·      Recognition and respectful representation of the WB constituent mosaic

·      Recognition and respect for visitor diversity and needs

·      All proceeds go to the management of this program and to the continued development and care of the beach.    

4.7 Additional benefits and support for Dog access on WB

 ·      Improved education and beach etiquette enhancing enjoyment, safety and cleanliness (environmental protection for the sand beach and water amenities)

·      Increased traffic and tourism.

·      Increased revenue and Economic Development potential for Wasaga Beach community

·      ATV use and destruction to the sand beach surface could be significantly reduced making beach access, particularly for children and seniors, safer and quieter.

 5.0 Additional  Regulatory Restrictions – Signage Communication

 At this time we would also like to incorporate additional ‘beach rules’ to ensure all visitors and constituents enjoy a clean, safe and family friendly recreational experience;

We suggest violation of any/all of these would result in min $150 fine;

 ·      No dumping diaper or human waste of any kind into the Bay/water or on the beach/sand*

·      No dumping or leaving garbage

 * As reported by witnesses/residents interviewed as part of this process and at their request it be included within this submission.

 6.0 Economic Development and Inclusive Marketing Strategy for Sustainable Growth for consideration

Ø    Make available space throughout the season for Pet training seminars (attract/invite  professional trainers), Pet adoption and Pet merchandise sales to;

Ø    Stimulate interest and visitor traffic

Ø    Educate owners on responsible safe handling of their dogs, with particular focus on beach behavior and etiquette (addressing any concerns that may have fueled the current position to restrict dog access on beach 2-6

Ø    Stimulate commerce and Economic Development by inviting vendors and canine professionals to provide service based events; Pet Food, grooming, toys, apparel and other relevant offerings tailored to enhance enjoyment and entertainment for both owners, their dogs and non dog patrons who respect and appreciate canine companion but may not be permitted given current living restriction.

 Naturally, he City of WB and MNRF could charge for space and potentially receive % of sales to support management of this access and services.  For example, a 3% tax for all sales would assist in covering additional cost for new Dog specific garbage receptacle collection.

We thank you for your consideration and look forward to your support. 

 The Wasaga Beach Dog Access Support Community

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