Free Jordan Parson hes only 16

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My son is 16 and was ripped from me when i was set up for a crime i didnt commit. His father told him he was dead to him. He refused to take him when i went to jail. He sent him to a mental ward instead. My son feeling like he had lost everyone in his life tried to kill himself. Hes been locked up in that place 6 months and they have given him numerous drugs to make him sleep on several occasions. They want him to sleep because he has been abused in there several times and hes speaking out about it. They dont want him talking. They are trying to send him to juvinille jail from there to keep him from having a voice outside of there walls. I do not want my son to become another statistic. Please i beg of you my son is the most important thing in this world to me and i love him with all my heart. Its my job as his mother to make sure hes safe. Thats all i want is him home safe with his loving family. Im all he has and if i dont stand up for him who will?!? My son has done nothing wrong he simply has a broken heart and wants to come home. Thats no reason to lock a child up in a juvinille jail he just wants his mama. Theres nothing wrong with that. Ive been fighting for 4 months to get him home. Its up to the dhr workers mental home and his gal (court appointed guardian at liden) to make the same decision i have dhr on my side but his gal wont show up.hes never even met him and hes supposed to be the person responsible for his well being. Please i beg you help me bring my baby home hes only 16.....

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