Please help me keep my child's abuser behind bars and deny his parole!

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In the year of August 2010, my daughter Averi was violently shaken by her biological father while in his care. The non-accidental trauma left her with 3 healing rib fractures, and a subdural hematoma (Bleeding on the brain causing multiple seizures). This can also be called "Shaken Baby Syndrome." Her abuser took a guilty plea and received a sentence of 20 years in prison leaving my daughter with life long complications from the abuse. He is now eligible for parole in October, 2018 depending on the decision of the KY Parole Board.

This will be his 3rd time up for parole since his sentence. He will be serving the 8 years of the 20 if released.  Please help me and my family remain safe by keeping him behind bars by signing this petition. If her abuser is released into Daviess County my entire family will live in constant fear and danger. No one deserves that especially the trauma Averi has been through, an innocent, helpless baby at the time. Please help us show the parole board we have community backing, and be Averi's voice!