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End the Sexist Dress Code at McClure

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McClure's dress code is as follows:

Appropriate student dress is the responsibility of each student at McClure. Any clothing viewed as inappropriate or disruptive in any way will not be allowed. Students with inappropriate clothing will be asked to change. If needed, parents will be contacted to bring a change of clothes or students will be sent home. Judgment of disruption is at the discretion of building administration. Specific guidelines are:
1. Coats, hats, head coverings of any kind (except that of established religious groups and/or personal health reasons) and gloves may not be worn in the building.
2. Apparel that promotes or advertises drugs, alcohol, tobacco products or other inappropriate activities is not permitted.
3. Students must be covered from shoulders to mid-thigh (3 inches above knee including slits) with or without tights/stockings/leggings.
4. Transparent items, spaghetti strapped tops, strapped shirts, strapless tops, single strapped tops, scoop-necked tops, cleavage, nightwear, or items normally worn as undergarments, but displayed as outerwear are prohibited.
5. Shoes must be worn at all times.

Numbers 3 and 4 are incredibly sexist. How is a girl's clothing "distracting"? Shouldn't we be teaching our sons to be respectful instead of body shaming our daughters?

A very wise 16-year-old boy from Palo Alto, CA wrote the following about a dress code that is biased against girls:

"The idea that a visible bra strap or a pair of leggings will prevent a teen boy from learning is absurd to me. And I should know, I’m a teen boy! It suggests that a school’s priority is to create an ideal learning environment for males, while ignoring factors that may help females learn. (For example, a girl might want to wear leggings to be comfortable in class.)

The worst part is by calling a girl’s clothing “distracting,” you imply that she is responsible for any disruptions. That’s like saying that because a store has a cash register, it’s the store’s fault if it gets robbed! So stop and ask yourself which is more distracting: a girl’s outfit, or a rule that makes her uncomfortable at school?

A truly ideal learning environment is one where we are all taught to respect each other—regardless of our clothing choices."

The time has come to change this sexist rule at McClure. We should stop sending a message to our girls that their bodies are dangerous and harassment is inevitable.  It's time for McClure to jump into the 21st century. Please sign the petition to change the dress code. 



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