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To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is written in opposition to the proposed expansion of State Route 70 to 4-5 lanes from Marysville, north through District 10, to the Yuba/Butter County line.

We are aware and agree that there is a need for more safety on the existing highway, but feel that the current proposed design is the wrong way to go about it for the following reasons:

1.      It would take up more prime #1 farm land which is some of the richest and most productive in the state.

2.      There are 16 agricultural processing plants, some with 200 plus trucks coming and going every day from June to November.

3.      There are over 200 private and county roads and residential driveways with traffic entering and exiting the highway daily.

4.      One of the stated goals of the “safety” project is to make the highway “safer”, but the end result will be that it will be less safe for both the commuters and residents alike.  Higher speeds would be encouraged and designated left turn lanes will become a “Suicide” lane for impatient drivers.

5.      According to figures provided by Caltrans, in 2016, there were 13,900 vehicles on Highway 70 north out of Marysville; 55,000 at the intersection of Highway 20 and 70; and 62,500 on Highway 70 over the E Street bridge, going South, PER DAY, many of them being trucks.  Moving MORE traffic, faster, into and through the City would not be workable and would create a monumental and unsolvable problem.

6.      Marysville has become a parking lot at various times of the day with southbound traffic frequently backed up 3-4 miles south to Erle Road.

7.      More stop-and-go traffic, in close proximity to our schools (Marysville High, Charter school for Arts, Mary Covillaud) would cause a dramatic increase in noise and air pollution for all Marysville residents, but especially making an unhealthy and unbearable situation for the elderly and school children.

We STRONGLY urge Caltrans, instead of spending $300 million plus, on a short-term fix that will only make the problem worse, to use this TAX-PAYER money to build a by-pass around District 10’s residential and agricultural community and the City of Marysville similar to the Sheridan/Lincoln By-pass.  This will solve the problem long-term and will make Highway 70 SAFE for all through; residential, farm and business traffic.

We also ask that our local government and community organizations support this effort.