Bring back Boombox and Kids stuff

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My name is Ava and I am writing because I -- like many customers,  -- request the overdue promised return of Kids Stuff and Boombox!

For those who don't know Kids Stuff was an Sirius channel that ran from 2001 to November 12,2008. In the immediate aftermath, parents had had sent complaints. In only two days of being off the air, Sirius had received 6000 complaints regarding this channel.

As for Boombox,  Boombox was a Breakbeat and Old School radio station on Sirius Satellite Radio created and programmed by DJ Liquid Todd.'

So as people moved on and complaints died down. SiriusXM had disregarded Both channels and we need to make more noise once again


So do yourself a favor and complain by signing this petition AS WELL AS  emailing and/ or tweeting tree decisions makers below