Save the Ocean: Prevent the growing of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch!

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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a mass of trash about the size of Texas in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, halfway between California and Hawaii. Most of this is plastic trash that floats off the beaches and flows through the ocean. The six-pack rings that come around your Coke cans can seriously hurt the environment, believe it or not. Small turtles can squeeze into those rings, and as they grow, won't be able to get out, therefore causing severe and permanent damage to the turtle's shell. This is a sensitive topic for me, as I have a small box turtle named Speedy (the irony). 

Do your part. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Cut down on the plastic items you use, like Ziploc bags, and switch to something more environmentally friendly, like Tupperware containers. See what you can make out of old stuff you throw away. Recycle plastic and paper items instead of throwing them away.

Save the animals, the ocean, and especially the turtles. Do what you can today!