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Affordable Housing in Nashville,TN

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We are petitioning to express our strong support against the increase in housing rental/leasing cost. Over the past year, Nashville Property Investors has built high cost rental property homes, that are not affordable to Nashville residents. Leaving residents having to be forced to relocate because of not being able to afford the cost of living. Nashville officials has an obligation to ensure that affordable and healthy housing is developed and maintained in our communities. And identify housing needs in communities including adopt goals and action plans for creating affordable housing. The cost of rent alone are forcing families to choose between living in a high crime communities having to switch jobs, daycare among other variables that are not fair to long term residents who supported communities now having to leave. We the people of Nashville,TN are demanding affordable housing or minimum wage should be increased to the cost of living here. The level of poverty here in Nashville,TN is rapidly increasing each day because alot of long time residents can no longer afford to live in Davidson county. It is not fair to us. Everyone that lives here aren't apart of the upper class. We all working for a living. Some of us are live from pay check to check. Many of us have to find a second job or start our own businesses just to try to make enough money to be able to survive. Our livelihoods are being effected in a very negative way. We feel like the mayor of Nashville Megan Barry along with other state representatives don't have a heart for every citizen of the city. "Poverty is the worst form violence." -Gandhi

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