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Urge the UK government to put pressure on the UN to resolve the Rohingyan Crisis

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'Never again' (Leiser,1961) the very foundation of the United Nations was made for the purpose to prevent other genocides from taking place post Holocaust. Unfortunately this is not the case as they have allowed many other groups to be treated inhumanely without stepping in therefore this has allowed many mass killings in Rwanda, Bosnia and the ongoing genocide in Darfur. Just recently the Rohingyan crisis has been highlighted in mainstream media. 

To this day the UK government has not put any pressure on the UN to intervene with the crisis to solve this matter, it is our duty on a global scale to do so as this cannot be solved internally.




Defence Secretary tells arms fair delegates all training is kept 'under review'.  Why is this the case? The United Nations said the Burmese army was accused of driving Rohingya Muslims out of Rakhine state, killing civilians and burning their homes to the ground. This shows that the UK is indirectly responsible for some of the violence against the Rohingyas. 


The Burmese government had, at the peak of the violence, blocked all UN aid towards the Rohingyas.

And so, on September 7, Turkey’s foreign aid agency, TIKA, became the first foreign  source of aid lets make the UK the second!


Theresa May should raise the issue alongside the Turkish prime minister Erdogen on September 19, at the annual meeting of the UN General Assembly and speak about the violence against the Rohingyas. 


                               I urge you to sign this petition so Theresa May and other MPs can discuss on how the UK can help the Rohingyas as we have a chance to save lives, to spread awareness and urge other European member states also and most importantly to stop this genocide from taking place. How many more people need to die before we start taking action?

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