Shutdown nuclear plants in India

Shutdown nuclear plants in India

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Shutdown nuclear plants

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Keeping in mind the public safety, and environmental impact, western countries are now moving away from nuclear power plants. 

Ironically, western companies now planning to start new plants in India.

Nuclear power plants are not worth it in this world where renewable energy sources are plenty. Disposal of waste, the release of wastewater to the environment especially to the sea, are posing a threat to mankind. We can simply say they are the modern Bhasmasuras.

Recent news reports in both western and Indian media reveal that western countries are shutting down their power plants. Ironically so-called experts from India are pushing for these plants.  

Germany is shutting down the plants irrespective of the energy crisis. According to media reports, protests over the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011 prompted former chancellor Merkel to set the wheels in motion for abandoning nuclear power just over 10 years ago


So, let us request our governments to stop expanding the existing nuclear power plants, setting up new plants. The way forward is only shutting them down.

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10 have signed. Let’s get to 25!