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Petitioning Representative Jim Costa and 2 others

Meet with us to fix our broken immigration system that is separating millions of families


Congressmen Nunes and Costa: Please meet with clergy, youth, and families and help Keep U.S. United

63% of the American public supports a reasonable pathway to citizenship for 11 million aspiring Americans as the necessary fix to our broken system. As Congress prepares to debate and ultimately vote on comprehensive immigration reform in the coming weeks, we need our national representatives - Congressmen Costa and Nunes - to know how much support there is for citizenship for 11 million aspiring Americans as the way to fix our broken immigration system. During Congress' next recess, at the end of April/beginning of May, we are asking them to meet publicly with people of faith and other community members to hear directly from our families, as well as to share where they stand on this critical issue. 

While we are hopeful that they will agree to this request, we also know how helpful it can be for their offices to hear from hundreds who feel like we do. We hope you will help us get a public meeting with our Congressmembers by sending a letter in your name today.

Letter to
Representative Jim Costa
Representative Devin Nunes
U.S. House of Representatives
As Congress prepares to reform our broken immigration system, we, your constituents in the Valley, are hopeful that this may finally be the time to bring our 11 million aspiring American brothers and sisters out of the shadows. As you individually enter into this moment, we know how important it is for you to go in knowing and hearing the pain, hopes, concerns, and values your constituents hold on this issue. After all, unlike other policies and laws, this is one that is, at its core, about human dignity and families.

To this end, we respectfully hope you will join us - as part of Faith in Community, a Fresno-based coalition of faith institutions and leaders who work toward justice and opportunity – for a focused and respectful public gathering on immigration reform during your next Congressional recess at the end of this month. Representatives from Faith in Community are reaching out to your office in hopes of scheduling this.

Ultimately, we also pray that you will support a pathway to citizenship as the primary component to fixing our broken immigration system. This is a priority and we, your constituents, will be following this issue closely over the coming weeks.

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