Bikes with a customized gunshot silencer in Meerut scare citizens & cause noise pollution.

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Many city youths of Rohta road Meerut (U.P) have customized their bikes, which produce a sound that is way above pollution norms. They have become a headache for pedestrians & residents alike. What makes matter worse is the gunshot-like sound the customized silencers produce.  The sound is ear-piercing it feels as if a bomb has exploded next to us. This not only scares pedestrians & other motorists with sudden & loud sound their bike produces but also causes noise pollution and disturbs traffic order.

As my house is on the main road, whenever these miscreants accelerate their bikes on Rohta road everyone is disturbed but no one complaints except being a mute spectator fearing they might have big contacts. I was also advised not to report the matter but I am writing here because it is a daily unbearable phenomenon.


Miscreants should be fined(Polluter Pays principle)

Customizing local shops/online portals selling such customized silencers should be issued notices.

Behavioral shift through awareness programs about noise pollution.

Bullet manufacturer should stop servicing such customized silencer bikes even under warranty period or should come up with a technology which doesn't let any modification in the silencer.

There is an initiative of "Civic eye app" and surveillance by Meerut traffic police need to be promoted. Don't know whether this area is under CCTV surveillance if not request it to be one.

I have seen other states like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra have taken strict action in this regard. We are hoping the same in  Meerut esp Rohta road area where there is no transport police to keep a vigil on miscreants, U.P.