There's been an outpouring of anger and confusion over #Canberra's new bus network

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The new bus timetable impacts on the safety of our younger citizens requiring transportation to and from school in a timely and appropriate manner. It’s not safe to have school children commuting on regular transport with stop overs at interchanges.
Time is not needed to adapt to change but commonsense. I can see more cars on our roads as people are required to now juggle school pick ups and drop offs in place of a sensible bus system. It isn't a matter of needing time, there are NOT more buses and school kids in particular are suffering with longer travel time, more transfers, needing to wait in exposed bus stops a long way from homes, full buses flying past because they can't cope with the load, and kids being late or left behind because they can't fit on a bus. What a complete mess.  Also the impact  this has on the Elderly and Disabled  people.  Stop putting our children, Elderly, and Disabled people at risk !