There's been an outpouring of anger and confusion over #Canberra's new bus network

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The new Bus routes have affected alot of us. Especially the SCHOOL runs. Kids have been left stranded at bus stops and schools all over Canberra. Alot of the school runs have been taken away whice has a big impact on us as parents. Alot of our young ones are having to walk a very long distance just to be able to get to a bus stop so they can get to school, Or are being droped off at bus interchanges all over Canberra and having no idea where they are or what to do next. This is a high traffic area with buses flying in and out. Not to mention we are leaving as young as 8 year old's out there dealing with the interchange. As we all know is not a safe place for our youngsters to be. We NEED the School routes back as they where for all of Canberra. There is no need at all to stop these school runs whice majority of Canberra  Parent's and kids rely on and have done for many years.