Billy's Voice was not heard and nothing has changed

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Billy was 4 months old when he died, a death that could have been avoided if the head of Emergency Paediatrics at Canberra Hospital had listened to ME, Billy's Mother when I tried to explain his health issues and what needed to be done. I had spent every waking moment at Billy's bedside and researched everything there was to know about his condition and I knew what was needed to keep Billy alive but this arrogant, ignorant Doctor thought he knew better and refused to listen resulting in my son going into heart failure and dying in front of my family. I was BILLY'S VOICE and I want to have BILLY'S VOICE passed in the ACT so that parents with medically fragile children don't feel the pain we live with every single day, Medical staff by law must listen to the people who spend all their time with the child and Medical staff must ring specialists that have dealt with the child to understand the background. Please sign my petition so The ACT Health Minister can see how important BILLY'S VOICE is.