Keep our kids safe! Stop the cutting of Canberra's School Bus Services.

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The ACT Government is doing a major overhaul of the bus services in Canberra. From next year, most dedicated school bus services will no longer be running. This will force students as young as 5yrs to catch multiple public buses to and from school, and to have to go through the major bus interchanges to catch connecting buses. If these changes go ahead, many students who currently catch 1 school bus to get home will need to catch 3 public buses and go through an interchange to get home from school.

The ACT Governments public consultation was not advertised well enough for the majority of Canberrans to be aware that there was a consultation going on at all. The consultation has now ended with much of the public not even realising these changes were being discussed. I’m sure that if the majority of parents with school children were aware these proposals were being discussed, there would have been many more people having their say on these proposed changes.  I am also very concerned on the validity and accuracy of the data used by the ACT Government to make the decisions to cut the school buses services. Many school bus services that the data said didn’t have many students using that service are actually running at near full capacity in actual reality.

Many concerned parents will no longer feel comfortable letting thier young children catch the bus to and from school and will drive them instead. This will increase the traffic around school drop off and collection times which many people already know is a fraught time as it is. We would like to think we live in a safe city where every single person is wonderful and safe to be around. Sadly, this is not reality.

We are calling on the ACT Government to reopen the public consultation on proposed school bus changes; Consult thoroughly with all major stakeholders of the school bus services, including school administrators, teachers, parents and students; Keep the safety of our children as a priority; and retain all current school bus services throughout 2019.