Every animal has the right to live

Every animal has the right to live

2 July 2020
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Started by Domraw Dogie

You yes you! I'm almost... Wait no Im definitely sure every animal has the right to live, am I right? if you say Im not, well your wrong so why don't ya help meeee.

its not fair!! SEND HELP 

are ya gonna join or not... i mean can ya really say no? .-.

i think all animals should have rights to be alive like a dog, dogs will spare there lives for you how can you say no at this point? QwQ 


you forreal are still reading it only takes you 1 second to say yes and join... ok maybe 2 or 3 yo get the point

if a lion kills a rabbit dont think its bad 1 we do that too. 2 its in their nature it will keapthe population down and it wont starve its a win win for me (yay!)

still dont understand UGHHHHHH 

even sea creatures have the rights to live all animals have the right to live

hey think about it what if humans were almost extinct what would you do! 

anyways if that does not convince you i dont know what will, better say yess! :D

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Signatures: 8Next Goal: 10
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