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Goodwill defective ICD generator replacement surgery

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I wish I had a happy story to tell, but I do not. In fact, I am very disappointed by Medtronic and how they "support" their own product.  I was informed in June of 2013,that my Medtronic Virtuoso DR ICD needed to be replaced. The device lasted 5 years and 18 days. I was never shocked and not once did the device alarm. My cardiologist and I were hopeful that Medtronic would "good will" the surgery, since the warranty was just barely expired. Weeks after surgery, we did not hear from Medtronic. It was not until November that I was informed that Medtronic would not cover my surgery. I was upset, but I was more appalled with the fact that after Medtronic evaluated the device, it was concluded that "Premature ERI was confirmed and is related to current leakage in the battery filter capacitors." Per your letter from one of your "Customer Product Communications" agents, to my cardiologist "The only impact of the current leakage is shortened device longevity, causing the device to reach ERI sooner than it would have otherwise." So the device was defective per your own standards.

Here is an excerpt form an e-mail from my cardiologist to the Medtronic rep,  "So a device that is warranted to last 5 years with 4 shocks per year wears out in 5 years and 18 days with zero shocks. A dissatisfied patient complains. A current leak is identified explaining the premature battery drain. And your final answer is “I hope this clears things up”. Do you really believe that is the right answer? We’re talking about a young person getting an operation two years earlier than should have been necessary. Over the course of her lifetime that is a lot of extra surgery." 

Medtronic, do the right thing here in this situtation, and cover the expenses from this surgery. 


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