Declare Medina County, OH a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary.

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Our sole focus is on a grassroots effort (regular people) to unite Medina county  to effect local ordinances declaring our county, city, and villages a second amendment sanctuary. This, while largely symbolic, will send a clear message to our state's elected officials, on both sides of the aisle, that the citizens to whom they represent are the true voice of power, not them. It's an effort to use the power of unity to amplify our voice.

Red Flag Laws run counter to the protections the second amendment guarantees under the US Constitution and Article I, § 4 of the Ohio Constitution. We'd like to apply pressure in a uniform. standardized way in which to most effectively apply the political pressure needed to preemptively avoid a showdown between the people and the state politicians and the laws they wish to create. It's best to be a united voice to be reckoned with beforehand than to be just noise in the aftermath of their reckless and unconstitutional laws that miss their stated mark of "doing something" in the aftermath of violent people that choose guns as their weapon of choice in their bad decisions.