Medicare: Stop Denying Medically Necessary Treatment.

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Medicare currently denies many medically necessary treatments regarding our health. But “Medicare” does not treat us – our doctors do.

As many people know our elderly and disabled people are put on Medicare. Our low income families receive Medicaid. We have paid into this program from working, our taxes, and many other forms of payments we have to make to the government. We should demand coverage for medically necessary treatment – deemed medically necessary by our doctors – NOT by Medicare!

They will pay thousands of dollars once your health fails but will not cover preventative treatment? We as Americans deserve better than this. We deserve adequate, dignified and compassionate healthcare especially when we pay them. How can they know each individuals needs based on a one-size-fits-all approach?

Personally, I have been denied oral nutrition for life sustaining care because I’m not tube fed, YET. Yes, you really have to be on the verge of death. I have been denied IV hydration because it’s not drug-related. I’ve been referred to a palliative care doctor who in his notes states "if these things are not rectified it will lead to my death". This is where everyone can get involved because at some point everyone will experience this government healthcare.

I'm advocating for better healthcare coverage for ALL on Medicare and Medicaid.

Our lives matter. Demand Medicare and Medicaid cover your medical needs – medically necessary, life sustaining treatments. You deserve it. We deserve it. Demand Medicare pay for medically necessary, life sustaining treatment!