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Medicare denying needed medical supplies

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My daughter and I both suffer from a debilitating disease called Crohns Disease. It is an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). It causes inflammation of the lining of your digestive tract, which can lead to severe abdominal pain, ulcers,severe diarrhea, fatigue, bowel obstruction, and malnutrition (just to name a few). There are many serious complications from this disease. What's worse? Medicare is negligent to provide us with enough medical supplies needed to get through an entire month, to at least alleviate some symptoms. Therefore, every week out of a month we endure severe skin burns because of this. It forces us to stay in bed in extremely horrible pain. At times, we cannot walk because the painful swollen lumps from Erythema Nodosum, another medical complication from the Crohns, travels to legs and feet. We take Remicade, given as as an infusion every six weeks to better control that and the Crohns itself. The burns we endure because of lack of supplies, are like a third degree burn that never has a chance to heal. Our quality of life and health have been seriously compromised. It is a disgrace. Does it make sense to have someone suffer this much and make things so bad a person has to face another avoidable surgery? My Dr. & Surgeon have also both requested that they give more needed supplies but they haven't gotten anywhere either. This has been an on going issue for over 2 years now. It would make more sense and more cost effective for them to pay for needed supplies than a costly avoidable surgery as a result from this. I have had this for over 43 years and never ever have I been faced with having to go without supplies. Whatever has happened in the past few years with our medical industry is an absolute disgrace. America has turned it's back on us. America should try taking care of our own for once. Please sign and share this petition to force Medicare to give needed supplies to at least last an entire month.

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