Medical Stores Refuse Cutting Strip of Required Medicines

Medical Stores Refuse Cutting Strip of Required Medicines

3 May 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Shyam Tomar

Dear 1.4 billion Indian Citizens,

I am trying to draw attention towards very un ethical practices are running by Indian Medical Stores and Pharmaceutical Companies.

I have been refused by medical stores to dispense only required medicines in Delhi, while I was forced to buy whole stripe of particular medicines, since medical stores don't allow to sell cutting stripes of medicines, hence had to buy whole stripe whether I needed only 5 days medicines of 5 tablets.

When I asked "Why don't you sell cutting stripes"?

I received answer that pharma companies don't buy cutting stripes, since they cannot resell and they bear losses.

When any person consults with doctor, doctor prescribes medicines.We visit medical stores to buy medicines.

Ideal Situation:

Suppose, doctor prescribed 5 days medicine/ daily one tablet for 5 days.imagine tablet is costing us 10 rupees each, so we need to spend 50 Rs only according to 5 days medicine.

now here is the tricky part[I am well aware of that each one of us know this] but to draw your attention to it let me make this situation more real

Current Situation:

so let's start with same situation but from medical store, so once I ask medical owner, give me 5 tablets only, medical owner says, we don't sell cutting stripes of medicines, you need to buy whole stripes.

Now there could be chance, that medicine has stripe of 20 tablets

so it will cost you 200 Rs, while you had to spend only 50 rupees, but you spent 150 rs extra that is 3 times.

This situation becomes more horrible, when doctor prescribes 5 different medicines, you can imagine, how much money we are wasting on medicines, which we are not going to use and at the end these medicines will expire.

I would like to request to 1.4 billion citizens of India that vote as much as possible and share as much as possible among your friends , families, whats app group, facebook groups, telegram groups etc.

This petition will definitely help poor, ordinary and middle class people like us, who are struggling for basic medical care and due to high medical expenses, they are unable to get any help.

in 2018 Bengal Govt has issued notice to all Medical and Pharma companies that, they have to dispense only required medicines to patients rather forcing them to buy whole stripe

Here is the link to read that circular The Cutting Issue Notice

I would like to draw attention to Government Of India and Health Ministry of India that, medical stores and pharma companies are running un ethical practices and bluffing innocent people, since we are compelled due to unity in medical and pharma companies and association.

Kindly take stringent action against such malpractices by medical and pharma companies in India, and let us get cheap medicines

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Signatures: 6,409Next Goal: 7,500
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