End the misdiagnosis of endometriosis

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Many women suffer from endometriosis (1 in 10) and many suffer for years being misdiagnosed by medical professionals, being told that it's caused by something else or even too commonly that it's all in their head only, after standing up for themselves and seeking a second or sometimes third or fourth opinion, to find out through surgery that they have confirmed endometriosis which is a chronic debilitating disease.  And it's not just period pain like some of us are told... It's listed by the NHS as one of the most painful medical conditions. It affects all areas of a woman's life,  her work, her relationships, her mental health (imagine being told that the pain that you end up being passed out on the bathroom floor from is all in your head), her sex life,  and her day to day activities (some women are bed bound for weeks at a time).  And all of this can continue for decades because it is being misdiagnosed by medical professionals. 


We need to provide doctors with more training, additional education for health professionals,  further education for gynaecologists, and we need MORE specialists in Endometriosis especially surgeons. 

It's too late for me I was misdiagnosed by a gynaecologist who after a pelvic exam told me that I don't have endometriosis only to have it confirmed by surgery a year later which was done by a gynaecologist without specialist endometriosis knowledge,  and due to complications resulting in 3 major abdominal surgeries in under 2 weeks,  leaving me without the option of further excision surgery by an endometriosis specialist. 


Please sign this petition to help me to end the misdiagnosis of endometriosis, reaching out to the director of the Australian Medical Association, Dr Tony Bartone.

 We cannot suffer in silence anymore,  we cannot let future generations,  someone's mother, daughter, sister or friend go for years without proper treatment. 

Thank you...