Justice for pritam sen

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It was one of the most devastating day(Sep 2, 2018) and the worst nightmare in my entire life when I, Prantik Sen,(younger brother of Pritam Sen along with parents, Late Paritosh Chandra Sen(father of Pritam Sen) & Chhaya Sen(mother of Pritam Sen)lost his elder son Pritam Sen, a bright and a promising IT professional working at Manyata Tech Park for IBM India Pvt Ltd, aged 37 years expired in Chaya hospital, kasthurinagar, bangalore.
As per my sister in laws words who was staying in bangalore with my brother, Pritam was having a irritation problem in the epigastric region along with pain in both his hands from shoulder in the early morning that day and went to the emergency of that hospital along with her at around 8.30 a.m. & the doctor had given him 2 injections & suggested that it would take about 3-4 hrs for the irritation to reduce.However after a couple of hrs, the pain became unbearable & my sis in law visited the hosp for consultation where the same dr has suggested the same(3-4 hours to reduce the problem. When she(sis-in-law) returned, and after 10-15 minutes she noticed that my brother became senseless(after 1.13 p.m) & she called for help from the neighbours & with the help of some neighbours had taken Pritam to the same hospital(Chaya Super Speciality Hospital) where he was admitted and within an hour they declared him expired because of sudden cardiac arrest. As per the medical certificate of death it seems a natural death however after the cremation takes place in kolkata on 4th sep, 2018 various things began to happen and looks fishy and suspicious. There are lot of questions and fill in the blanks which needs to be answered by various people and lot of facts needs to be revealed in a true way as it looks as if it is not a natural death and something mysterious is there in a so called sudden cardiac arrest. Certain points needs to be looked into details regarding the so called natural death(sudden cardiac arrest).
1. Why the Mandatory 4 hours not complied by the hospital with respect to my brothers death?Why medical certificate has been issued before 4hours after his death and why pritams body was released from that hospital before 4hours and admitted to St. PETERS Mortuary of Bangalore Baptist Hospital?
Pritam was expired on 2.55 p.m as per medical certificate of death and as per St. Peters mortuary bill he was taken admitted there at 7p.m. Which is minimum 30mins distance away from Chaya Super Speciality Hospital.
2. As per medical certificate of death... Pritam was expired at about 2.55 p.m. However I(Prantik) get a call from some person named Veda regarding the news of my brothers demise at 2.50 p.m. How it is possible to inform me prior to 5mins of my brothers death.
3. Mobile of my brother(Moto phone) was opened using my brothers finger touch subsequent to his death. Why it was opened and by whom? Is there anything v imp which if was found can be a very problematic thing for some or other persons... Who are they? My sis in law informed me that it was opened by my sister in laws brothers friends(Swagata and some others) who was present at that time.
4. Suspicious message received:
At 1.13p.m that day I received a watsapp message that my brother was feeling a lil well. So what happened after 1.13 pm and between 1.30 pm. That my brother from being little well to became senseless and subsequently he was declared dead within an hour.
5. Medical prescription related to my brothers morning visit to Chaya hospital is missing. As per my sis in laws words it was taken by the hospital while admitting my brother which was not returned and after subsequent request, hospital is not co-operating to provide the same.
6. My brothers flat was fully clean and only his lil bit of clothes was found and no other clothes related to any other person has been found after I returned to bangalore from kolkata. All the clothes of other person and other things are missing in the flat once I returned to bangalore after one month after my brothers cremation took place.
7. Suspicious cap of an inhaler found in my brothers bangalore flat which is lying vacant now. I was completely shocked to see the same as my brother never had asthma or any issues which require a inhaler or something like that.
8. My brother had expressed to talk to me as he was afraid that some persons may kill him.. Who are they? Needs to find a ans for the same? Is there anyone or anything involved related to this.
9. Within 7days after my brothers death, Facebook profile of some v close persons of my brother was seen deleting all the pics related to my brother.. For some purpose, I am not taking the name of them.
Guys and gals, friends and colleagues & to all the general citizens of india- you must be thinking why these points are highlighted or raised now after 1month and 16days. To answer to that, let me tell you I am not a politician nor any individual seeking for unnecessary attention... I am seeking a justice for my elder brother
(who was a father figure to me and who would always be) & specially for my ailing mother who was very ill (suffering from brain stroke, brain clot, mildly Enlarged pituitary toss) & is deeply v v shocked with the sudden demise of his elder son.
Please help me in sharing this post and help me in getting the justice for my beloved brother Pritam Sen.
Friends and all... Just sometime back my birthday had ended and I still can't believe that my bro who used to wish me first had not wished me and I will never be able to hear his voice again. The pain is just unbearable for me and my mother.. Which can never be substituted nor anybody can take his place ever again. Please help me as I have tried a lot for last one month or so and I am not getting any help from any appropriate authority regarding the same. Please help me in bringing out the truth of that day at least for my mother... I will consider this as my birthday gift from one and all in order to bring out the truth and related to the mystery behind the death of my life... My brother...please help me in giving the justice to my brother.
Thanks all.
Prantik Sen
Younger brother of Pritam Sen