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Medical marijuana and the need my friend has for better medicine.

I am a spinal injury patient battling side effects from my prescription pills. If you support medical use of marijuana, you would be among the 70-80% of fellow Americans that feel marijuana has beneficial use in today's health care system. You would also be like fellow Americans that feel doctor and patient should be the ones deciding the patients best course of pain management. Doing so without arrest or imprisonment.


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Pennsylvania State House
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I am writing you to explain the need for better medicine in the state of Pennsylvania. My friend's name is Christopher David Moore. He lives in West Chester, Pa. He had an accident 3 years ago where a steel beam impacted his head. His spine was compressed. His disc at c-5, c-6 exploded. He went through all the insurance company steps before getting the much needed surgery. He was experiencing nerve endings that were dying in his left hand.

After his surgery, pain pills were prescribed. (percocets and lortabs) With these pills, side effects include but not limited to: constent nausea, severe and unwanted physical addiction, violent vomiting, and horrible withdraw. He suffers every minute of everyday. He must take his pills everywhere he goes, so he doesn't experience the horrific withdraw. He is unfortunately use to the nausea, but the physical addiction has taken it's toll. He fights everyday to control the addiction , but can not go a day without relief for his constant pain. He deserves, as do so many others, medicine that is less harmful and less addictive. Science shows that marijuana is that medicine.

None of the above side effects would be present if only he was prescribed an all natural herb called marijuana. Science shows us that marijuana is beneficial in neuropathic pain conditions.( As well as many other afflictions) Science also shows us that marijuana is comparable to present day prescription pills. Marijuana is known for it's little to no side effects and lack of physical addictive properties. Marijuana is currently legal for medical use situations in 14 states. Please be a part of better medicine in my friends state. Please be a leader in government and speak up for millions across this great country that need better medicine. Medicine that helps more than it hurts. Prescription pain pills are causing needless suffering across your state and the entire country. Help our families and friends regain their lives and get on with the pursuit of their happiness.

What we are saying is this: There are people suffering from their prescription pain pills and they do not have to suffer anymore. The science is conclusive. Marijuana is better medicine and must be legal for doctors to prescribe to their patients. We are not saying all people should be forced to ingest marijuana. We are saying those who have doctor supervision should have safe access to better medicine. The way it stands today we are being forced to ingest horrible and damaging pain pills. That is completely opposite of our views where we are not forcing anything on anybody. We just want the right for our friends to have a better alternative. A better alternative to the present day prescription pain pills that are destroying peoples lives and causing addiction to much more harmful substances than marijuana. ( which I might add: Marijuana is scientifically proven to be less addictive and have less of a withdraw than caffeine)

So do us all a favor and support Medicinal use of Marijuana. THE BETTER MEDICINE.

Thank you for helping my friend and others experience better medicine.

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