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Medical Insurance Companies in Michigan: Start to cover the cost of wigs for children experiencing hair loss.

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“Carly loves her wig and looks great wearing it, but she has also gained the self-confidence to go out in public without it, which she would never do before. I believe that process of obtaining a wig, and your support, helped her with that. I’ve attached a photo of a newly confident little girl. (picture above) It doesn’t promote your wig, but rather the larger issue of how you’ve helped her deal with the world.”-Bill (Carly's Father)

There are over 500 newly diagnosed cases of childhood cancer in Michigan each year. This number is growing not only here in our community but around the world. Insurance companies in Michigan are not required to cover the cost of a wig for a child and they take full advantage of this by continually turning their backs on these children to cut costs. States such as: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Oklahoma, New Hampshire, Minnesota, and Maryland all acknowledge the importance of providing a wig to those experiencing hair loss and mandate their insurance companies to provide these wigs. Although some insurance companies in Michigan do provide funding for adult wigs, they refuse to acknowledge the need to provide a wig for a child. Surviving an illness requires more than just medical treatment. The physical, emotional, and psychological needs must be met in order to ensure a healthy recovery. Losing your hair can be devastating to anyone experiencing it. Adding that devastation to the peer pressure of childhood can be even more damaging to a child’s self esteem. Wigs 4 Kids is the only wellness facility in Michigan providing hair replacement units and support services to help the self esteem of children.

Our center offers a social setting to children and teens ages 3-18 with hair loss. We provide holistic care, allied health services, goods, information, educational and professional guidance in an affirming setting to help kids deal with the appearance related side effects of treatment. Our program is available at no cost to a child or their families as it should be.

Holding Michigan insurance companies responsible for providing wigs for children should not have to be a fight. Insurance is needed to cover medical bills and treatment. Providing a wig is a part of treatment and recovery for all of our little survivors just as physical therapy is part of recovery for a person experiencing a broken leg. They want to be accepted by their peers and get back a sense of normalcy in their lives. The percentage of children surviving cancer has increased to 80%. These children are our future. It is our responsibility to make sure the future is bright for them.

Please join us in our efforts to mandate medical insurance companies in Michigan to cover the cost of wigs for children. What is the cost of a wig compared to the happiness and well being of a child? Sign our petition today to show your support and help make a change.

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