Internship done in Russia should be Valid in India (as it is valid if done from China)

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The internship of China, Nepal, Bangladesh and Phillipines is valid in India after the completion of the course whereas students completing their tenure as Medical Students in Russia need to spend one more year in completing their mandatory internship in India.
The Professors in Russia are patent holders and best in their fields. The Education of Russia is no less than of any other countries when compared.
I heartily request you that please allow and consider the last year of MBBS in Russia as Internship. The Duration of course in Russia is 6 year that includes more of Practical training. The course duration is lesser in other countries.
After completing 6 years in Russia, it takes 6 more months for FMGE Preparations followed by 1 year of internship. This summarizes that it takes 7.6 years for a Student from Russia to just become a Doctor (Physician).Let's all join our voice and sign this petition. We need to unite together in helping this petition reach maximum Medical Students in Russia.

(I have attached a photo in which it is stated that Internship done in China is valid in India )

So Internship done in Russia should also be valid