Cancellation of MBBS Exams and Promotion to Medical Students

Cancellation of MBBS Exams and Promotion to Medical Students

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This is the time of Pandemic  an unprecedented time.
We are the Medical students,future doctors and we are writing this to draw attention of sytem to fallacies in the education system.
We are requesting a cancellation of examinations in this serious time of pandemic for Medical students.

The reasons owing to are following:
1) Inadequate dissemination of knowledge :-For the last four months, there were no classes. MBBS is one of the longest and noble course. It takes 5.5 years for a person to become a doctor. It's impossible to teach MBBS course online. Specimens have to be touched, seen and revised regulary. Cadavers have to be dissected. This ordeal is not possible via online classes.

2)  Spread of infection :- when the country is struggling to provide healthcare to originally diseased patients, if students in large amounts muster up to give exams there are more  chances of spread of infection. We do not want to risk our lives also, and we also do not want to upscale the already faced struggles by our country.

3) Hundreds of written exam and viva occurs during whole MBBS journey, and finally atlast we have give NEXT to get our degree , we can be examine at that time rather than now.

Cutting it short:-

  • All conditions are against us. Are exams more important than our lives .we are not backing from giving exams but not in these conditions? Neither we are mentally prepared nor we are willing to risk our lives.

Let our concerns not be ignored, our voice be unheard.